When Looking Young Sucks

I have a Dorian Gray face. It doesn’t show much in terms of my aging. For the most part, I love this.

I actively avoid the sun, don’t smoke, don’t wear makeup. Anything that wears and tears on my skin, I run from.

And at 33, I still get carded. For alcohol and cashing scratch off tickets.

But lately, I’ve been noticing the downside of looking young.

  1. No one ever takes you seriously. I’m always underestimated and treated condescendingly.
  2. I have to constantly disprove the assumption that I’m a kid. Which means listing off my accomplishments (something I find kinda obnoxious) or be forced to endure the “when you’re my age” speeches.
  3. No boss thinks I work hard enough. Looking young means they treat me like I’m a kid. Glasses help, but the blonde hair kinda neutralizes their affect.
  4. Haggard-looking people always get promoted over me.
  5. My parents still worry about leaving me home alone.


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4 Responses to When Looking Young Sucks

  1. berry says:

    Enjoy it. You will be wrinkled soon enough. Don’t take life seriously. It sucks if you do.

    • I do, 93% of the time anyway. 🙂 I hope I’m never too wrinkled up. There’s always botox thank goodness.

      • Cynthia says:

        You have a lovely profile, Kourtney! What a cute head shot.

        Like you, I also look younger than I am, and have experienced some of the stuff you mentioned, and some of that can be very frustrating. (It also doesn’t help that my voice is also very young sounding, so I work to deepen it when I speak. )

        On the bright side, at least people aren’t asking us if we want the senior discount when we go to a restaurant or to the movies yet, right?

        And if you ever work in the esthetics industry, everyone’s going to be asking you which products you use. You can be a perfect sales or spokesperson for a brand.

        The next time you wonder if your youthful looks are a “downside” (AND THEY’RE NOT), just think of all the people who are shelling out thousands and thousands of dollars at doctors’ clinics so they could look young like you!

        • Thanks! My friend took the pic in Rome on our favorite street.

          For the most part, I appreciate looking young, especially in our age-conscious society. Overall, it rocks. The frustrations are definitely worth it.
          Not getting a senior discount is cool. 🙂

          You’ve got a nice perspective–maybe I can work in esthetics one day. And very glad I don’t have to spend thousands on botox and face lifts. 🙂

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