The Voice–Adam vs. Cee Lo

Tuesday’s episode had me giggling and jumping around like a five-year-old on a Twix high.

Thank goodness the viewers saved Beverly on Xtina’s Team. I was sad to see the little powerhouse Raquel go, but understood why Frenchie was saved by Xtina.

Then the Adam vs. Cee Lo competition began.

Gotta be honest, not as many singers grabbed me. This time, I only have a top two for each team.

Adam’s Team #1:

Casey Weston rocked the house with her blood simmering rendition of Black Horses and a Cherry Tree. I am spellbound by that girl’s voice.

Adam’s Team #2:

Javier Colon stole the show with his rendition of Angel by Sarah McLachlan. Wow. Great range. And he made it his own song.

Cee Lo’s Team #1:

Nakia gave me tingles with his rendition of Your Sex is On Fire. Wow. Mesmerizingly good. He was cocksure and defiant. LOVED IT!

Cee Lo’s Team #2:

Vicci’s Jolene was heart-gripping and angstifying. She embodied every emotion of that song. Awesomeness squared!

Cee Lo’s Team song–Everyday People–rocked the stage. I guffawed and slapped the couch.

Then came Blake’s elimination time. Tickled rosy pink that Dia Frampton was saved by the audience. Well played!

Mildly surprised when Blake saved Xenia over Patrick, but I understood that Xenia was way more meldable and would probably benefit more from his mentorship.

Great 2 hours of carnival television: I gasped, I giggled, I jawdropped. And I eagerly anticipate next week’s show.

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