Lessons From My Dog

  1. Time with loved ones is important, even if you doze in their lap while they write a manuscript.
  2. Always stretch before and after you get out of bed. Downward Dog is a favorite.
  3. Make time for play. Half an hour of rough housing and fetch brings a smile to both our faces.
  4. Schedules are important. Bark if your feeding is being delayed by an obsessed writer revising her book.
  5. Always greet someone with a smile and show you’re happy to see them. It brightens up their day.
  6. It’s okay to lay in the sun and nap while mom writes. We can do our own thing and hang out later.
  7. Cuddling is nice. Especially after a rough day.
  8. Look cute and you get stuff.



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6 Responses to Lessons From My Dog

  1. Lucas says:

    Look cute and you get stuff is words to live by! 🙂 My canary does the same and I can’t help but reward her with a fresh piece of arugula.

  2. berry says:

    Cute dog. Good advice. Life is so short. Love the words of dogly wisdom.

Any thoughts or reactions or favorite foods you want to share?