The Voice–Who are you voting for?

So my newest tv obsession? The Voice. I love Blake Shelton. His team totally stole the show this past Tuesday.

My #1 pick from his team? Patrick Thomas.

His performance was flawless. Emotional and goose bump inspiring.

My second must save on his team?

Dia Frampton. Her rendition of Kanye West’s song was absolutely creative and made it completely her own.

I adore Xenia too. I wish we could save three. Because she has such a unique and pure sound. She just needs a little more experience in front of an audience. With her deliciously intoxicating voice, she’s definitely going places.

Team Christina has some gorgeous voices as well.

My favorite must-save? Beverly McClellan. Her range. Her ability. Her talent. Triple threat.

My second favorite would be Raquel Castro. Such talent in such a little feisty package. Her voice blows me away. And she can dance. And she’s only a teenager. Can’t wait to see where she goes from here!

Frenchie Davis takes third place for me. She has a great voice and is uber-talented, but the other two really blew me away.

I wish all three could be saved on each team because they are absolutely phenomenal singers.

As to the fourth member of each team…I think they did a good job, but they didn’t win me over.


Who are you rooting for? Which two from Team Blake and Team Christina do you hope survive to sing another round?

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Any thoughts or reactions or favorite foods you want to share?