How to Treat A Cough

Seems Springtime is my nemesis. I’ve been sick on and off since mid April. Stomach virus. Sinus infection. Now I’ve got a nasty cold and cough.

Thank God for the hot blonde on the Metro North train who told me about apple cider vinegar. I started ingesting it for the sore throat on Friday.

By Sunday, I was hacking up chunks of phlegm. Monday, Tuesday, and today the cough continued to be productive.

Most importantly it’s a wet cough, which allows stuff be expectorated. I’ve never had such an easy time with a cough before.

So I did a little research on apple cider vinegar. It has anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties, which probably is why it helped with the sore throat.

It also thins mucus secretions and is a natural expectorant.

All those years I wasted on Robitussin. LOL. All I needed was to hit the apple cider vinegar.

I’v e been taking 2 teaspoons twice a day for the sore throat and the cough.

The key is to get out of bed in the morning and stay sitting upright for a few hours. Move around. Take a shower. Make breakfast. Drink a hot beverage. It gets the expectorating going.

Morning is when lots of gunk comes up, but I can breathe better than I did a few days ago and the pain in my chest is gone. So that’s positive.

I’m also able to sleep at night and take a short nap during the day.

I’m meditating daily too.

And lastly, drinking a bottle of Gatorade a day. All this mucus production and fever sweats dehydrate me.

That’s my methodology for getting over a cough. So far it’s working.

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2 Responses to How to Treat A Cough

  1. berry says:

    My grandma always swore by vinegar and rubbing alcohol and sour grass to heal cuts. That’s better than any medicines.

    • It’s amazing how many home remedies are as effective as over the counter medications. Personally, Mucinex never helps me. But that apple cider vinegar really helped thin out the mucus secretions so I could easily cough them up.

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