Last Day in NYC

My last day in NYC, I started to feel tired. So I went to my doctor appointment, did a little window shopping, and ended up on my friend’s bed with his cat, watching Disney.

My friend, Ant, and I grabbed lunch at a nearby diner, Vinyl, on 8th Avenue. It was cool. I loved the mosaic tabletops.

We started by splitting the hummus appetizer.

The food was yummie there. I has the skirt steak with flavorful mashed potatoes and he had a turkey burger and fries.

Then I headed over to Grand Central for the Metro North commute home. Caught the 4:07 train which was standing room only. Ended up sitting in a 5 seater with 4 people. Brushing knees. Read and edited the entire way.

In the summer, if you are leaving NYC on a Friday, always aim for a 3/3:30 train. The 4 p.m. and later are insanely crowded.

I ended up chatting with one of my seatmates and he heard me coughing and advise apple cider vinegar to help my throat. Good thing too. Because my sore throat turned into a nasty wet cough.

I’ve been downing apple cider vinegar every day and it definitely helped the sore throat. I think it made the cough way more productive too.

And ofc, I got a fever this weekend from the vaccinations. I always get a tad sick from vaccines. So fever, tired, achy, flu-ey feeling Saturday and Sunday.

Monday I was a tad better and showered. Though still sweaty and my head wasn’t not quite clear thinking.

Editing wise, I’m on ch. 28 of 35! About 77% done (based on a word count calculation).

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Any thoughts or reactions or favorite foods you want to share?