The Absurd and The Uncanny

Yesterday Mom and I were running errands. Question: Would you pay money for these flowers? Even at the dollar store?



I wouldn’t. They look knocking-on-death’s-door ill.



How was your Memorial Day weekend? I had back-to-back picnics with my family. The first was a family-only small spontaneously gathering of like minded individuals. Brie and Jarlsberg cheese. Yummie pickins. My aunt has Remi Martin cognac. With a splash of Diet Coke. Delish.

The second was a larger picnic including friends. And friends of friends. Succulent steaks, tasty salads, and rum and Diet Coke. Nice time.

And Johnny Weir was there.

That is the uncanny part of my weekend. Completely random that he’s a friend of my cousin.

He was an absolute delight, doing a flip off the diving board and into the water.

And he is jaw-slamming-the-floor gorgeous in person. His skin is flawless and his eyes are the most mischievous green I’ve ever seen. You-can’t-help-but-stare-at-him beautiful.

The only thing that eclipsed him was my Grandma H striking “Ms. Lake Compounce” poses on the diving board. And telling an 8-year-old that if she splashed one more time, she’d drown her.

It was a weekend of not-to-be missed events. 🙂

And I am officially 69% done revising my second manuscript. I want it completed before July 8th. Looks like that is going to be attainable. *Fingers crossed*


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4 Responses to The Absurd and The Uncanny

  1. Lucas says:

    What sad looking plants. I would be afraid to purchase one of those. They look dehydrated.

  2. berry says:

    I love johnny. Did you get pic with him. He’s so cute. Wow. You must know famous people. Lucky you. I’m impressed.

    • I didn’t want to bother him on a chill holiday. So I took the pic from across the pool. LOL. I know famous authors, but not celebrities. That’s all my cousin, he’s in fashion. 🙂

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