Goodbye Salem!

My last full day in Salem, I got up early (okay 9 a.m.) and had breakfast at the Fountain Place on Essex Street. Nice breakfasts, kitschy atmosphere, and a great price. Eggs, bacon, potatoes, English muffin, coffee for under $10 (including tip).

Then I went back to my hotel for a dip in the heated-indoor pool. I forget how much I love to swim. When I can’t do something or have it, I see no point in longing for it. So I just don’t think about it.

But everytime, I get in the water, I feel 10 years old again. I love it!

I swam 21 laps.

Then I showered and went in search of my favorite psychic reader, Therese Pendragon for a a palm reading. Her store sadly closed, but she is now over at The World of Witches Museum.

The psychics there are lovely and friendly. I loved the vibe of the place so much, I also got a reading from Reverend Don Lewis on my past lives, and Terry “The Stone Lady” used stones to answer my questions and give a reading on who I am.

Therese, Rev. Don, and Terry really sparkled up my day. I had several things weighing on my mind and others just swirling in the murky depths of my subconscious.

But after I left them, I felt much more grounded. Had a clearer idea of what was bothering me and how to work with it. Why things were gnawing at me and how to stop it.

I love that each psychic has a specialty there and you can get multiple types of readings in one place. From a lovely team of experts. 🙂

They completely changed the course of my day. Thanks so much!

I will definitely be going back to The World of Witches on my next trip to Salem.

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