Another Day in Blissful Salem

Yesterday I swam 18 laps in the hotel’s heated indoor pool. Swam until muscles refused to swim anymore. It was super relaxing. And my first swim of 2011.

On my way to bfast Wednesday, I stopped to smell the lilacs. They are one of my favorite flowers. My great grandmother used to have the most amazing lilac tree on her farm. Sigh. I loved that tree. Should have taken a cut from it.

I’m a total creature of habit. Went back to Red’s on Wednesday and had the exact same breakfast again. Why mess with perfection?

There are more people here today. Guess Monday and Tuesday were the quieter days. I kinda liked Monday and Tuesday.

On my walk back, I picked up another bottle of facial cleanser at Aroma Sanctum. My nose is in love with that store. Hand blended perfume oils and cleansers.

Since it was sunny and 70s I headed back out to walk around town. Did a lap in Salem Commons. Then the I-swam-18 laps-yesterday-tiredness came on.

tried to see my favorite psychic, Therese. But everytime I stop by where she reads, she isn’t there. Starting to think it isn’t meant to be. LOL.

I was going to use the gym, but it’s too nice to miss outside time today.

And I’m in love with this super sweet song by Selena Gomez. Have it on repeat play in my room. The neighbors must hate me.

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2 Responses to Another Day in Blissful Salem

  1. berry says:

    Sounds delightful. But witches not for me. Enjoy your stay.

    • It really is. You don’t have to explore the witchcraft side of things if it’s not of interest. I’m not Catholic, but I enjoyed Italy. 🙂 As long as you treat everyone with basic respect for their beliefs, you can travel anywhere. You can find lots to do in Salem that is non-witch oriented. Like the PEM (museum), or the historic homes even the WIllows beach area.

Any thoughts or reactions or favorite foods you want to share?