Greetings from Salem

Monday afternoon, I checked into the Salem Waterfront Hotel and Marina. I love my room. It’s spacious. Lovely down comforter beds. Clean and I have the Disney channel. More modern than the Hawthorne Hotel.

Only downside is no room service. But there is a heated-indoor pool that I am going to check out later. So that pretty much balances out.

Also the maids are super eager to clean the rooms. Tuesday morning, she would not go away. Ugh. Woke me up. My fault for not putting out the do not disturb sign.

Monday was a 3 hour drive up here. So I didn’t do much besides that. Driving is not my favorite thing to do. It’s so much multi-tasking over such a long period. My mind started to feel fatigued two-and-a-half hours into it. I only had 20 or so miles to go. But something told me to take a break.

So I tried to pull off at a rest stop and ended up in a cemetery. It was quiet so I got out and stretched and did a few laps around the car. Helped clear my head for the last 20 miles of the journey.

I ate in the hotel Regatta Pub. Food was pretty good. Steak tips are tasty in a barbeque hoisin sauce. Clam Chowder wasn’t thick enough for me but it did come with a side of corn bread.

Tuesday, I had my to-die-for breakfast at Red’s Sandwich Shop. Kielbasa and cheese omelette with potatoes and buttered sour dough toast. Kinda forgot to take the picture until I started to feel full. 🙂

After breakfast, I took a stroll in Burying Point Cemetery. It’s so peaceful. With the most beautiful trees.

It’s sunny and 80s up here. A bit on the muggy side. Glad I packed my linen pants.

Everyone is super excited to see the sun. It’s been MIA for about 2 weeks here on the New England coast. I’ve got my 70 SPF and parasol so I’m all set. 🙂

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10 Responses to Greetings from Salem

  1. Emily says:

    This sounds like a really nice place to stay. I wouldn’t mind the missing room service, I think the heated indoor pool and the eager maids totally compensate for that 🙂

    • It is really nice. Though I miss the room service option since I get hungry at weird times and I eat low carb. Without a fridge or microwave I’m kinda screwed. The pool was heavenly. Forgot how much I missed swimming until I was in it.

  2. zach says:

    Hey Kour… what are you doing in Salem?

  3. Lucas says:

    The hotel room looks comfy. I’m sure you are sleeping well.

    • LOL. I had a terrible nightmare last night and woke up screaming. Eek. Poor neighbors. The night before I couldn’t fall asleep. Hoping tonight goes better. I am getting a bit cranky from not sleeping well.

  4. Gerard says:

    Sounds like you are having a good time. Continue to enjoy!

  5. berry says:

    Food looks very good. Room is big. Glad weather is good. Enjoy your stay. Salem is fun place.witches and all the myth.

    • Food is pretty tasty. Room is nice. Weather turned lovely. Salem is lovely. Historic and still evolving. Very cool place to spend time. I love the small town-almost city vibe. 🙂

Any thoughts or reactions or favorite foods you want to share?