Merlin–Another Guilty Pleasure

Confession time. Since Vampires Diaries wrapped up, I’ve been at a loss for my before bed television viewing. Something to relax me and yet entertain me. Besides Disney. Then I remembered I downloaded Merlin season 3 to my Itunes.

Arthurian legend beguiled me since childhood. And I loved what the Brits did with it in this show. Giving us a prequel. Merlin as a fumbling young man. Arthur as an honorable spoiled prince. Gwen as a serving girl. All during the reign of Arthur’s father.

Slightly disappointing to see them make Morgana the villain. It is consistent with the stories that were handed down. But I wished they’d flesh her out more. I always thought she was a terribly underexplained character with so much potential in the stories.

I dvr’ed season 1 &2 back when I lived in NY. Watched them multiple times. There’s something inherently hopeful in them. The idea that friendship and love win out.

I’m looking forward to watching season 4.

The cast is stellar actors. They completely suck me into each episode. There’s a good sword fight, several lighthearted humorous moments, and enough conflict to propel me through each episode.

Both Colin Morgan and Bradley James have the most captivating, can’t-stop-staring blue eyes I’ve ever seen. So there is a yumilicious factor to my watching too. I’d also die to have Katie McGrath’s alluring green eyes.

The end of each episode leaves me curiously content. Makes me smile and gives me the energy to attack another chapter.

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