I’m Going to Be a Ghost Town Today

Finally starting to feel the antibiotics working. Thank you modern medicine!

But I decided today, I’m going to be a ghost town.

I’m going to stay in my pjs all day. I’m not going on FB or Twitter. I’m going to check email, write my blog, and revise my novel. What I consider the bare minimum.

Play with the dog.

I’m not going to invite anyone over or attract any attention.  Just going to hole up here in my kour cave.

Unplugging from the frenzied world and be my own little ghost town.

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4 Responses to I’m Going to Be a Ghost Town Today

  1. Lucas says:

    What a spooky picture! It almost looks as if there are ghosts floating through the room. If they could talk I am sure they would have some supernatural stories.

    • It’s a shot of the interior of a house in the ghost town of Bodie taken through the glass window. That was a very surreal experience walking around a town that was no longer. The parks department maintains it in a state of arrested decay. Spookarific. 🙂

  2. berry says:

    I’m doing the very same thing today. Sick and staying in bed all day. Best medicine.

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