Chapter 19 May Kill Me

I’ve hit a new record. Killed a red pen on one chapter of my work in progress. Chapter 19 turned out to be the worst chapter. To date.

Here’s a sample of the notes I wrote to myself:

  • Shorter scenes, get in and get out. FAST
  • Don’t over-explain things
  • Don’t overanalyze and bore the reader
  • Rework this
  • Scene breaks?!
  • Dullsville. I’m bored.
  • Speed up the pacing–it’s Amish-like.
I’ll save you from a line-by-line recap. However, WordPress is all bullet happy so I must continue in this format.
  • Then there are the crossouts and dozens of rewritten sentences.
  • Eek. This is a bad chapter. I get why everything is on the page. But the page was not where it needed to be.
    • Sometimes I was working out the motivation and the character’s inner world. Not the place for that exercise. Mental note: Scratch paper has its uses.
  • And then I did the dreaded can’t get out of this scene so I’ll keep writing and then bridge right into the next scene move.
    • If my head didn’t throb so much, I’d smack it on my desk.
Oh Chapter 19, what happened when I drafted you? Was my brain on vacay? Was I rushing to increase wordcount? This is going to take a few days and some intense revising to get you back on track.
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2 Responses to Chapter 19 May Kill Me

  1. berry says:

    Not every chapter is perfect. So enjoy the redrafts.

    Relish the challenges. But get healthy s o you can deal with it effectively. Writing is an art. It takes time.

    • Thanks Berry for the great words of advice. 😉 It amazes me how much things can improve after a few rounds of revision. Ch. 19 will probably be sticking around a few more days. But it’s definitely coming along. I’m starting to feel better finally too. Thank goodness. I hate when I can’t write.

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