Sinus Infection Smackdown

Ah Springtime. When the trees ejaculate into the air and set my allergies off. Despite my daily Zyrtec, I’ve been in agony since last Wednesday.

Woke up at 5 a.m.–as if that isn’t ungodly enough–because the pain in my head yanked me out of sleep. I lay in bed feeling like my brain was exploding. Then the nausea came and I stumbled to the bathroom to vomit.

But I didn’t. Instead crazy chills and marrow-infused-coldness took hold. And I’d swear someone was stabbing me in the head. Over and over again. For hours.

Somehow, I got back into bed. The pain refused to abate. Fever came on.

And I knew not to cry. That only makes it worse. So I laid there. Until sleep finally found me.

And I slept all day. No eating. No drinking. No moving.

Then came the dizziness. The feeling that I wasn’t quite here. That none of this was really real.

I went to see the doctor and found out I had a sinus infection. And I was severely dehydrated. So I’ve been chugging Gatorade for days.

Despite antibiotics, the pounding and the pressure in my head continues.

It’s absolutely miserable.

And my eyes ache. Sitting here to type, I feel like I’ve been reading for 12 hours straight. And I haven’t.

I’m going to netipot and then back to bed.

Hope Spring is kinder to you.

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6 Responses to Sinus Infection Smackdown

  1. berry says:

    That sounds awful. I too have been sick. For days. I hope it goes soon. Drink fluids rest and baby yourself. There’s not much else you can do. You will get better. Tell your mom to take care of you.

    • I’ve been pretty miserable. Don’t know how my parents put up with me. I’m like a wounded black bear when I’m sick. Mom totally babies me. I’m trying to go back to cooking my own meals, doing stretches. Not exercising yet. It’s the waiting to get back to normal. Grrr. I hope you get well too!

  2. Tracy Costa says:

    Hope you feel better. 🙁

  3. queenofenglish says:

    Sounds like you have it BADDDDDDD. Have you talked to your doctor about changing your allergy medicine?

    MM the Queen of English

    • My doctor just shook his head at me. It really was my own fault. I forgot how bad spring affects me out in the countryside since I lived in concrete jungles for the past decade. I got lazy about washing my sinuses out every day, thinking I’m on allergy medication I’ll be fine. And my final-nail-in-the-coffin mistake? I went to the casino–breathing smoky air which always sets off my allergies.

Any thoughts or reactions or favorite foods you want to share?