Rogers Orchard



 There are few places that are indelibly imprinted on my childhood like Rogers Orchard in Southington, Connecticut.

In the springtime, I remember feeding the ducks in their pond. In the fall, picking out pumpkins for carving. In the winter, scarfing down apple cider donuts and drinking gallons of their apple cider.

Even after I left Connecticut, every visit included a trip to Rogers Orchard. As an adult, I loved the apple picking in September.

Now that I live in the area again,  I’m absolutely obsessed with the apple butter. It’s perfect on toast, delicious in yogurt, and I bet it would make an awesome ice cream topping.

Every time I visit the location on Southington Mountain, a  grin breaks out across my face.  Even though I’ve been there hundreds of times, I still love to walk around and  take a gander at all their products. Although now I try to stay clear of the  doughnuts.



















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4 Responses to Rogers Orchard

  1. Lucas says:

    I only wish i could try some apple butter. It sounds delicious and healthy. Here in Australia we only have Vegemite. One sweet day I will taste the apple butter though – if only in my dreams.

  2. berry says:

    I love that store. The pies are yummy. The granny smith apples tart. Great place to bring kids. Great memories.

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