MacSpeech Dictate Software or How I Wrote This Blog Post

Back in high school, I pulled some muscles in my neck and  shoulder. And I got these lovely things called muscle knots.  They are like marbles inside the muscles. When they go active, they mess with the nerves in my hand.

They went active last week. Which means it feels like someone has slapped my hand for hours. And typing aggravates this.

Luckily, I have MacSpeech Dictate software which allows me hands-free typing. It’s come in super handy for blog posts such as this and for e-mails.

As a basic dictation software, it works well for me. And  I’m super grateful to have it.

But for editing, it takes too long.  Or maybe I’m too impatient. Either way I get frustrated and resort to typing.

There is a command mode for opening different applications and navigating the web, but there’s a  big learning curve there for me. I have managed to master a few commands but I also know this will ease off in a few weeks and I’ll be back to a typing fiend.

However, using this software has cut my typing down by 60%. Which is giving my hand a well-deserved rest.

Funniest thing about the software? It does not like swearing. So my best friend got an e-mail about something being  “forking” amazing and another friend received an e-mail about how much I hate this  “ship”.

Weirdly enough, douche bag is in its vocabulary.

Overall, I’d say it’s a software worth having if you’re a writer and you want to give your hands a break.

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