The Book That Saved My Writing Career

Anne Lamott’s Bird by Bird is a book every writer hears about.

We all add it to our must-read-writing books.

I started reading it during my recent trip to Italy. When feedback and rejections seemed to pour in. Depressing the hell out of me. And I had this existential crisis without telling my travel partner.

The entire thing occurred within the confines of my mind over a 4 week period. It started with me thinking maybe I just suck as a writer. And progressed to: I should just give this up.

And the horrible, paralyzing fear. What would I replace it with?

Luckily, I had Anne right there with me. That’s how the book reads. Like she is talking to you. Mentoring you through all the rough patches. I’ve never read a book on writing that had so much heart in it. Like she was imparting a piece of herself to her fellow writers.

There is a chapter for everything that will happen to you. Knowing someone else experienced the same things, made everything less terrible. Hearing how she worked her way through, helped me find my way.

My favorite chapter? Jealousy. How wonderful to address the emotion we all are taught to hide. To own the feeling even as we struggle with it.

The book is full of gorgeous writing and quotes that rock your consciousness.

I loved the last lines of the book–explaining why writing matters.

“It’s like singing on a boat during a terrible storm at sea. You can’t stop the raging storm, but singing can change the hearts and spirits of people who are together on that ship.”

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2 Responses to The Book That Saved My Writing Career

  1. berry says:

    Nice to know others have same issues. Don’t give up. Rome not built in a day.

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