Setting–my nemesis

I hate hate HATE writing setting. I can imagine the scene unfolding in my head. See all the background and the details.

But they always feel like background. Window dressing.

Never the meat and potato of the scene.

And while revising, I’ve giggled at myself. Because I saw the entire scene in my head. Envisioned all the details of the blue sky with shredded cotton scattered across it. Of my protagonist in her seafoam chiffon dress.

And none of that was written down. Because I was focused on capturing the dialogue. the emotion. the moment.

And as usual, setting took a backseat with me.

Thank God for editing and revising. For beta readers. For the opportunity to paint in the setting to bring the scene to life.

Mind you, dialogue used to be the bane of my existence. But after months of practice. Dialogue is my new bff.

Ah setting,  you remain my one true nemesis.

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2 Responses to Setting–my nemesis

  1. berry says:

    But you handle it well. You are a great writer.

    • Thanks. It’s one of the things I tend to go minimalist on. I used to suck at dialogue but a year of working on it and now people actually compliment my dialogue. LOL. But I like to read dialogue. I’ve always been bored to death by setting. It pulls me out of the story and makes me skim ahead to see how long I’ll be punished with this dry stuff.

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