I <3 Ross Matthews

What a delight to turn on Chelsea Lately Monday night and find Ross Matthews hosting! He’s my fav on the roundtable and now a whole night of Ross.

His opening monologue had me ROFLMAO. Troop Beverly Hills–hysterical!

His infectiously unbeatness was a great contrast to Chelsea’s devastatingly funny dark humor.

The roundtable was a laugh riot. Phenom chemistry abounded.

My favorite part was when he met with the animals. GREAT GREAT GREAT INTERVIEW!

And almost touched a worm.

I <3 Ross Matthews!

They have to give this guy his own show.

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4 Responses to I <3 Ross Matthews

  1. Gerard says:

    You are right. He is very funny and would do well with his own show.

  2. berry says:

    Love him. He’s better than chelsea. Get him his own show now.

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