Dental Woes

Did you ever have one bad tooth? A tooth that caused years of problems, culminating in the need for a root canal?

I do. I can remember having a deep cavity at 20. Got it filled. Then another in the same tooth at 25. Then at 28 the filing cracked and we had to put an onlay over the tooth. It’s like a partial crown.

Then last year I cracked the filing behind it. And we thought I might need a double root canal. One for the back tooth and one for the bad tooth.

But the pain eased when I got the first root canal. Now a year later, the onlay cracked and I need a root canal. On the bad tooth.

It started with random jaw ache and pain that came and went in February. Then the tooth became ultra sensitive to hot and cold and wet. Mom scheduled a dental visit as I said nah it’ll go away.

He worked on it last Monday. Removed the broken onlay and took a cast for a new crown. But he said let’s give it a week to see if the pain subsides. It did. Until Friday night when it began increasing. By Sunday, it was aching and throbbing and I was a cranky bitch.

I am thinking of it as the demon tooth. Because it’s caused and is still causing thousands of dollars in dental bills.

I kinda want to get it yanked out. But that would only lead to more expensive dental visits to get an implant.

So today, I sit here with my tooth throbbing. Last two nights I was up all night, wishing it would explode because the pressure inside the tooth made it impossible to sleep.

And I know in the grand scheme of things, it’s only a tooth. But I really really hate having to have my mouth worked on. I’m a total wimp about oral pain.

And my mouth started tasting like Noxzema two night’s ago. Mom says it’s from the glue holding the temporary crown in place. That doesn’t make me  feel better. My mouth still tastes like Noxzema.

And the pain medication is hit or miss. It never completely eases the pain, just takes it down to endurable sometimes.

I read online that some teeth have pulpitis and you get no symptoms. Guess I’m the lucky one. I have terrible nerve pain radiating into my jaw and surrounding teeth. So I know there’s a problem. Root canal is scheduled for Thursday morning.

The sad part? I’m actually looking forward to the root canal to stop the pain. Despite how very much I hate having any work done on my teeth.

And the drill sound. That is the worst part of the root canal.

What’s your most hated dental/teeth experience?

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2 Responses to Dental Woes

  1. berry says:

    My root canal three years ago. It did not work. I live in pain. Not bad Enough to pull yet. But its acting up again. Just gonna yank it soon. Hate hate root canals. No more for me.

    • Ouch. Double ouch. That’s terrible! Root canals aren’t as bad as I feared. Today’s went well. The needle hurts a ton. The clearing out of the canal is not so bad. Must be horrible hope you can get it pulled soon.

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