Product Review–Incredible Bra

Really Victoria’s Secret, you’re going to go and name a bra “Incredible”? That’s setting major expectations. Granted the Very Sexy was very sexy. Unless you got the wear-it-multiple-ways version where the straps came undone by themselves. So not very sexy.

So I approached this new bra line with my usual healthy dose of skepticism. Alright, I lampooned the name to all my friends. Expounded on how you can’t really improve on bras at this point.

Self adjusting straps–how is that even possible?

But curiosity won out and I ordered one online.

Truth time. It is Incredible. It doesn’t dig into your skin. It gives great support. The straps stay in place, but you don’t feel them there. You barely feel like you’re wearing a bra. It puts all other bras to shame. And the straps don’t require manual adjusting to tighten or loosen. Nope. They do self adjust.

It’s the best bra I’ve ever worn.

I have tried the demi and the push up so far and I gotta say. It’s love. Deep abiding love. Where I plot to purchase a new one soon. And then another.

So Victoria’s Secret, I must humbly ask your forgiveness for doubting you. You have created a truly Incredible bra.

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15 Responses to Product Review–Incredible Bra

  1. Lucas says:

    Its great to find unmentionables that fit well. I’ll never forget the day I discovered athletic supporters for rugby. I remember you posted on finding grandma a bra so maybe you could get grandma some of these garments as well?

    • And you never realize how uncomfy your current selection is until you stumble on ones that fit well. Funny that you mention Grandma, she loved all the bright colors in Victoria’s Secret. We went to the mall last week so I could pick up a second Incredible bra. They don’t make them in her size sadly. How unfair.

  2. I haven’t heard of the Incredible bra. Congrats on finding a truly comfortable bra!

    I wanted to say your photos are phenomenal! I’m so envious of your visit to Italy- it’s one of my dream destinations.

    • They just rolled this new line out. Yeah, it’s so wonderful to find something comfy that you must wear everyday.
      Glad you like the pics. I took 5000 pics in Italy in 3 weeks. My friend is in awe. We checked the time stamps. At the Coliseum, I shot 20 pics in 1 minute.
      It’s beautiful and ancient. Their churches and museums are magnificent. But they definitely dance to the beat of their own drummer. Nothing like England, France or Austria.
      I dreamed of going to Italy for 5 years after seeing Under the Tuscan Sun.

  3. berry says:

    I don’t wear bras. Victoria secret is a great line and does a great job showing off its line. Glad you like the new line. Breasts must look good but comfort is key too.

  4. Novel Girl says:

    I need a good bra. I’m so checking this out.

    P.S. How on earth can straps “self-adjust”? WOW

    • It’s crazy! Some patented material that senses when it needs to give and bounce back. It’s so comfy though I barely notice I’m wearing it. And the push up gets me lots of compliments. 🙂

  5. Pigeon Heart says:

    Hmmm. I’m in the market. The thing w/ VS is they start off strong and supportive, and then wind up droopy. 6 mo. review really need to happen more often. I have my fingers crossed for ya.

  6. I never knew there was that much to bras!

  7. Okay… I gotta ask, because it makes a BIG difference.
    What’s your cup size? I know it’s personal, but what might be great for you may not be so great for me. If you’re embarrassed, email me. I promise to keep a secret. 🙂

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