Our last day in Rome

We awoke tired. It’s the end of the trip. Final day in Rome. Both of us are ready to go home. But I have to get a tax refund on my cameo ring. So we head to Spagna. There we easily find the American Express office and they give me my 20€. all done? Nope.

Now I have to go to a customs guy at the airport, show him my ring, and get him to stamp the paperwork,then I have to mail it in. If I don’t they charge my credit card for 20€.

Can you make it more complicated Italy? How many steps can you include?

Walking around Spagna, we stumble on an Intimissimi store but they don’t carry bras in my size. Then we find a pasta store and I buy pasta to bring back to friends and family. Things are going well. We stumble onto a great chocolate store and I get a dark chocolate and milk flower gelato. The day is going well.

Then OL suggests checking to see if our restaurant in Barberini is open. We walk over there and the menu is out but the door is locked and it’s dark inside. Fuck.

The hours posted make zero sense. It’s one thing to have set open and close times, but Italy is just a free for all. No one has any business hours that are consistent or posted properly.

So we wander up the street. End up at a nice and pricey restaurant. OL has pizza. I have spaghetti alla carbonara. But it’s too pepper ridden. I can’t take it. So I eat half and stop.

Return to the hotel for rest and repacking. Rome has beaten me. Dementors have sucked on my soul everyday here. I’m tired in mind, body, and spirit. Time to go home.

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4 Responses to Our last day in Rome

  1. quindalina says:

    Great Post..I am also going to Rome next week:) Bella Italia!

  2. Lucas says:

    Sometimes one of the best parts of the trip is heading back to home sweet home.

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