Roma–a friendship blooms

After the croissant breakfast, we head to Vatican City to see the Vatican museum and Sistine Chapel. We bought timed tickets to enter at 12:30. The line for St. Peter’s basilica was intense. Clearly 1+ hours. So we walked around the square and hit a few souvenir shops in the area.

Then we went to the museum. Intense. There is so much to see and it’s worse than the Uffizi. Crammed with pieces of art. No idea what we were seeing. But we saw it. Or rather were herded along by the massive flow of people.

The rooms alone are a pure art. Then the actual sculptures, paintings, and decorations.

But it’s a maze. Finally, we make our way to the Sistine chapel. Wow. It’s floor to ceiling art. Every inch of the wall and ceiling is painted. The floor is mosaic. It also sounds like a stock exchange floor. Despite the signs for silence and no photos, flashes are going off and everyone is talking.

It’s a free for all in there. So I snap a few pics too. Then a doorbell goes off. And a voice fills the room, saying no photos and silence. In 4 languages. Then the security people start saying no photo.

But we aren’t done. The museum routes you through a few more exhibits before you can exit. And 5 more giftshops. But I got something for my mom and a Michelangelo tshirt for me. Shopping frenzy.

Then we grabbed lunch. The worst pizza ever. No like cheese melted on bread. Ick. We caught the subway back and hit the best gelato place in Rome, G. Fassi. I had a Zuppa inglese and caramel cream mix. To die for gelato. Gone to heaven gelato.

Then we came back to the hotel to rest before seeing the Coliseum lit at night and going to dinner. The monuments at nights is not to be missed. Glorious. Haunted. Stunning. We headed to the Coliseum and walked down to the Forum. Got some great pics.

We read that Piazza Campidoglio had the best view of the monuments at night so headed there. Stumbled onto the view by cutting across the piazza down a side street. The piazza is also worth visiting at night.

Then go down the main staircase to street level. Walk around the monument Vittorio Emanuele II. Truly a masterpiece especially the way it is lit at night.

We were totally jazzed…which inevitably meant something bad was coming. So we headed over to Barberini area for dinner but our favorite restaurant was closed. And our feet ached from all the walking. We ended up resting for five minutes before taking the subway back to our hotel area and hitting the Chinese restaurant again.

Food was tasty, but Italy is the only country where finding a meal is a monumental task for both of us. We went back to the room and watched Jack Osborne adrenaline junkie. I feel like Jack. Every day here is a challenge, filled with disappointments and victories.

Rome maybe we can be friends.

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Any thoughts or reactions or favorite foods you want to share?