Back to Roma

We awaken in our gorgeous Naples hotel and head to breakfast. Where we again take a few extra croissants and rolls for the train ride. Then we head to our room and take one last look at the view from our patio. Sigh.

We go downstairs and check out. Then we cab to the train station. Another nail biting drive through Naples. Our train arrives at 12:17. But the train track is not indicated until 5 minutes before the train leaves. We rush to the track and then have to wait for the train to arrive to figure out where car nine is. Of course all the way at the end, but which end was the question.

We have assigned seats too. Luckily the guy switches with us so OL and I can sit together.

We arrive in Rome termini station at 2:45 and catch a cab to our b&b, Casa Carra. It’s right near Maikol hotel where we stayed when we first arrived in Rome. After seeing the rest of Italy, Rome is a lot nicer to me.

Our b&b has very nice owners. Check in goes well. Our room and bathroom are very clean. The bathroom has a decent size shower. There was a nice painting over the bed. There was a/c. Not that we needed it.

The bed is on the soft side and the room feels a bit dated. But for the price, it’s fabulous. The street noise wasn’t a problem when the window was shut.

The tv is great– flatscreen with MTV. We need our tv breaks. Got tickets to use for complimentary croissant and cappuccino in the bar downstairs for breakfast.

When we needed to buy our Vatican Museum tickets online, the owner generously allowed us to use his computer.

Chilled in the room for a bit and then walked around Rome getting my souvenirs. We didn’t purchase them early in the trip because we’d have to cart them all over Italy.

I also got a gelato–chocolate and cream. Yum. We stopped at the grocery store to pick up water and cookies and got caught in massive lines. Picture Black Friday at Walmart. Now divide that in half.

We wandered up to Santa Maria Maggiore and stumbled on a chinese restaurant, La Giunca,where we went to dinner later. Not as amazing as Pisa but tasty. Had the dumplings and the sweet and sour chicken. The caramelized bananas rocked.

Then we walked back to the room and watched tv until bed.

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Any thoughts or reactions or favorite foods you want to share?