Naples Can We Be Friends?

We woke up in Pisa to the ringing of bells. Then laid in bed a while. At 8:05, I realize OL is also awake and get up. We eat bread with cherry jam and I drink a coca cola light for my caffeine. We check out and head to Pisa Centrale train station by cab.

We arrive and I take a walk around while OL sits with bags. There is a purple lit room for waiting. Looks like something from my Twilo club kid days. Go back with OL for a while. Then we walk to elevator to our platform, but a swarm of people with bags, babies and strollers encases it.

OL asks me you want to use the bathroom? I decide it’s a nice diversion. As usual pay per use toilets. But this time, the water closet is blue lit. Like blue lights over the toilet. I get dizzy. And it is so bizarre. Anyway, when I tell OL, he thinks it’s UV light for killing germs. Great. I hate UV lights, they age the skin.

Get to train platform and aboard train. Sitting across from couple. Very weird. Girls is 20 something with mild acne and braces. Guy is gorgeous and he keeps leaning over to kiss her and make out the entire train ride. She doesn’t seem that into it.

We find every time I see a vista or the ocean and want to take a picture, we end up in a tunnel.

Three hours later, OL and I arrive in Rome termini station and switch trains. It’s been cloudy and raining since Pisa. Can the entire country have the same weather?

On the ride to Naples, we see patches of blue sky. A woman on the train uses a shopping bag to prevent her hair from touching the seat. Are trains that dirty? She also refused to hand the conductor her ticket and made him take it off her table.

We arrive in Naples and it’s sunny. We weave through the crowds to the taxi stand. 15 € to go 2 Km to the hotel. But it was worth it. Rush hour in Naples is in fucking sane. Worse than LA or NYC. Cars and Vespas make their own lanes merging and unmerging at will.

I’m in awe that anyone can drive here. Our cabbie takes a call and drives stick at the same time. Shit.

We turn up some tiny little alley like one way streets to arrive at the hotel. Pedestrians take their life in their hand walking these streets.

Finally we pull up in front of our hotel, a converted palazzo. We go through the huge wooden doors to the gated entrance. Then we get buzzed into a fabulously modern stylish hotel, the Hotel Piazza Bellini. We check in and take the lift to the 5th floor.

We open our door to an awesome luxury room. Two twin beds. 32 inch flatscreen tv. Huge bathroom. Giant patio with a rocking view of the city.

After an hour of relaxing, we venture downstairs to check email on the free wifi in the lobby. I take some pics of the uber cute hotel. Then we go to dinner a couple blocks from the hotel.

It’s a cute little place serving neapolitan cuisine. Best bread in Italy. Tasty sourdough. I order linguine with sausage and mushrooms. OL has a steak and fries. Then I have fried calamari and shrimp but the shrimp comes with head and legs attached. And when I get them off the entrails are still there. Ick. Had a nice white wine with dinner. Ended with Zuppa Anglese. Great dinner on my first night in Naples.

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2 Responses to Naples Can We Be Friends?

  1. Thanks for taking us along to Italy! Your details are superb. Wish I was there with you ~ but this is the next best thing 🙂

    • Glad you enjoyed it. There are so many moments on the trip that I wanted to capture. Mostly it was the things people didn’t tell me about that really stuck out. I’ll post some pics when I get back. 🙂

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