The first day in Pisa

We revise our opinion on the people staying upstairs. They must be into feng shui and have to move the furniture each morning to adjust to the new energy in the room.

Once again, beat the alarm up and head down to the breakfast room. I get a sugared croissant and rolls with jam. Cappuccino. Then we pack up and head to the train station. Did I mention the back wheel on my suitcase broke in Venezia? So OL has taken over rolling/dragging that suitcase.

We get to Florence train station and easily find our train to Pisa. It’s a quick one hour ride. We taxi to our hotel which is uber cool. A former monastery that was converted into a hotel. Santa Croce in Fossabanda melds the old world with the new. The sacred with the secular. Our room had a private bathroom. Definite plus some don’t. It was a bit small because each room was a former monk’s room. Also they say kingsize bed, but it was a full.

But the central courtyard is lovely. The entire place is well preserved but still has modern touches.

The bell rings at 6:30ish and 7:30ish about 60 times for a minute straight. In the AM and the PM. There is a breakfast place but it wasn’t included with our room.

The tv was small but we weren’t there to watch tv. We checked in and ventured out to Pisa. It was a 30 minute walk to the Leaning Tower. We walked along the Arno River, very picturesque.

We bought a ticket to 5 sights for 10€ that was good for two days. Then we explored the baptistery. It was very lovely and from the center sounds echo gorgeously, which the staff demonstrated for us. We climbed to the second level which was like 60+ stairs and made my thighs burn and ache for days. But the view looking down on the center was worth it.

Went to Il Duomo which is far more lovely inside then outside. Worth a walk around. I couldn’t find Galileo’s lamp because I was stupidly looking for a genie lamp. OL was looking for a table lamp. Neither of us realized it was the chandelier hanging in the middle of the church.

Although the church closed at 5PM, the last entrance was at 4:30. A group of Japanese tourists missed the cutoff by like 30 seconds. That sucked. We also got tons of pics of the Leaning Tower. Every tourist wanted a pic pretending to hold it up.

Wandered around Pisa. Did a little shopping. Got harassed in a park by some guy trying to sell tissues. Like literally put them in my lap and refused to take them back. I got up and walked away. I really hate pushy street hawkers.

Then we went back to the hotel. At night we went to a Chinese restaurant, Ni Hao, nearby. The best Chinese food I’ve had since leaving New York. The sautéed eggplant tasted just like what I used to eat in Beijing. I had dumplings that were thicker than Beijing style but tasted awesome.

I ordered steamed bread and it was like being back in China.The sweet and sour chicken was fresh and had a home made sauce. OL devoured his pork and hot sauce. The rice was sticky enough and clearly came from a rice cooker. yum. For dessert, I had caramelized fruit and fried ice cream. Delish squared.

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2 Responses to The first day in Pisa

  1. Lucas says:

    I’m just curious do Italians ever have eggs during breakfast? it sounds like they love pastry and jam but no eggs and bacon.
    Did the leaning tower creak and sway at all? Is anyone allowed to go inside or off limits?
    How rude that hobo tried to sell you his dirty tissues!
    What kind of fruit was carmelized? Sounds interesting!

    • We were doing Italy on a shoe string budget. So it was all continental breakfasts. They might. They do eat sandwich meats on open faced rolls.

      It’s pretty secure. You can go up in it for 15€ but you have to walk up 400 plus steps In very tight quarters a definite no no for me. So we stayed on the ground.

      Yeah it’s just over aggressive street sellers. They were clean tissues but I didn’t need tissues.

      The carmelized fruit was banana and pineapple. Sorry for the delay in my reply our Internet was down the past few days. All the blogs auto posted.

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