Firenze mi amore grows

We are once again awoken by the buffalos stomping around their room and redecorating. We arrive early to breakfast and I get my chocolate croissant. Happy day. I also get a cappuccino.

Today is Monday which means the shops may be open at some point. But we head to Santa Croce to see the church. The entrance seems to be charging although the guidebook said the church was free. Walk in and out of the entrance 4-5 time debating whether we want to do this if it’s not free, the beggar in front must think we are screwing with her. Finally decide 5€ is acceptable expense and go in.

The church had some gorgeous artwork. Amazing frescoes. Breathtaking. We loved it.
It also contained Michelangelo’s and Galileo’s sarcophagi. Very unique and memorable place.

Then we walked over to Ponte Vecchio for a necklace and gloves. The necklace shop I loved was closed, but we found something comparable. Then went to the glove place, Madova where Frommer’s said I could buy the best gloves. They had a discount basket but the ones in my size were very ugly because they were more for men than women. Evidently I have ginormous hands. So I ended up buying the full price ones.

And OMG, they fit so well and they looked so good. I’m not a shoe girl but I am now a total glove girl.

Walked to Boboli Gardens to get views of city. Found a cool Il Duomo mini statue on the way at a little shop and bought it. Then we headed up hill and up hill. We sat down beside a big statue and ate a picnic lunch out of OL’s backpack from the bakery near our hotel–pizza and fried dough balls. Yum.

I see what looks like a raccoon run across the park, but is got big swaths of brown fur and then little black stripes. I ask OL what that is. He tells me a tiger. I burst out laughing and say no smaller. Totally straight faced, OL says, “a baby tiger.”

Then we hike onward to Belvedere fortress, which has killer views of the whole city. But it is now closed for renovations because some Italian dogs and a kid fell off it and died. Why in God’s name would you bring your dog to a 1000 year old fortress and let it run around?

We spring for a cab to piazzale Michelangelo and find jaw dropping views of the city. Vistas and panoramas.

And a high school kid has his girlfriend close her eyes and walks her to the view for Valentine’s Day. Then they sit and chow down on Big Macs.

We enjoy the view and walk back to the hotel to dine at our favorite restaurant.

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Any thoughts or reactions or favorite foods you want to share?