Firenze Mi Amore

Woke up early because the hippos in the room above us are dancing and moving their furniture around. Breakfast ends at 9:30 so we head down 3 flights of stairs to breakfast room. Typical sweet breakfast fare though I think I’ll die if I eat another marmalade croissant so I stick to cream or chocolate croissants. Discover I love cherry jam on bread.

Due to Itally’s unique scheduling, stores are supposed to be closed on Sunday but they are open if they sell leather. Also museums are all closed on Monday and that is our only other full day in city. So by process of elimination, Sunday becomes museum day.

We walked into town and popped into a few leather shops along the way. Then we went to Uffizi museum because guidebook said it was one of the best museums in the world. Huge line but we buy timed tickets and walk around for an hour.

Head to Ponte Vecchio bridge. Check out the jewelry shops. They look like little boxes. Very pretty filigree designed necklaces. We check to see if Madova glove shop is open but it’s closed. Sign says open Monday so it will be open Monday…at some point.

Wander back to Uffizi and explored piazza della Signoria. The Loggia della Signoria housed some cool statues in the square including Perseus killing Medusa. Also stopped in at cafe Rivoire for beignets to take edge off snackiness before the Uffizi.

We walk into Uffizi or rather go through security then enter. If you need to use the restrooms, the signs are deceiving. It’s a good 7 minute walk from the main entrance to the basement bathrooms.clean but a trek. And whatever you do,do not take the stairs up to the exhibit because it starts on the 2nd floor which is 4 stories up.

The quick and dirty: art overload. Too many paintings in one room and on each wall. You’re quickly desensitized to the beauty and majesty around you. The crowds also take away from the overall museum experience. 95% of the art is on the second floor across 40+ rooms.

I felt like I was being punished with art. Sure they’ve got some amazing stuff, too bad they don’t showcase it properly. A museum should not feel likely grandma’s basement.

The lower floor had 90% empty because a new exhibit opens in June. But the museum still routes you through bare burgundy walls.

After 2 hours, I was craving a souvenir stall. Luckily, the exit led us to a little restaurant for lunch. I had bruscetta and raviolis. For dessert, I had a tiramisu.

Then we trudged to the Galleria dell’Accademia, expecting another rough ride. Instead,we were pleasantly surprised. We arrived around 4ish and I got in for free. Cool. The museum had a lot less than the Uffizi but they showcased their stuff so much better. I really got to see it.

And then we found David. WOW. I mean mesmerizing. Gorgeous. Amazing. Definitely have to see it when in Florence kinda thing.

Then we head back to hotel, stopping at Il Duomo for cherry vanilla gelato. Then we head to hotel to rest a spell before returning to our favorite place for dinner, Le Stagioni. I had the spaghetti alla carbonara. Eggs and bacon and cheese are ridiculously good on pasta.

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