Ciao Firenze!

So the blog post I just spent an hour drafting disappeared on my worthless craptastic wordpress app on Ipad. I am now drafting in Pages.

So here’s the quick and dirty.

At the train station in Vicenza, an Italian lady showed us how to deal with a child before it becomes a problem. If it starts to make a noise, slap each hand, then the face and finally give it a shove and yank it back. Wow. Intense discipline. And this was before the kid started really acting up. Guess her mom believes in preventative measures.

Italian trains are very modern and clean. Think Acela.

Left Vicenza and headed to Florence. Had to make a transfer at Padua. We road all the way to Bologna with dirty windows that ruined scenery shots. After Bologna, we went through constant tunnels and OL asked is this where the mole people live.

Four seaters are rough when old Italian people sit on the outside and refuse to wait for you to put your bags up before claiming their seats.

Bathrooms are hard to find at Florence train station. Taxi drivers don’t make sure all riders are in car before driving away.

Hotel Orcagna is a 15 minute taxi ride from train station. Located on a quiet street. Easy check in. Teeny tiny elevator for bringing bags up and down. We got third floor, room 35. I took the stairs.

Internet is spotty at times.

We had a nice balcony overlooking street. The bathroom was small. Tight fit–shower is a bit too close for comfort when you’re on the toilet.

Room tended to run warm.

Receptionist gave us map of city and told us 20 minute walk to center. She showed us the key sights and how to get to them. We asked about food, but at this time of day nothing open besides local bakery.

We headed out at 4 pm to the bakery. Had a nice cold pizza. Standing up. Then walked to Il Duomo. Because it was Saturday, all the shops were open. Browsed a bit. Picked up a few souvenirs.

Funniest moment?

Trying to find the entrance to Il Duomo while the Hare Krishnas danced between Il Duomo and the Baptistery with tourists joining in.

The exterior of Il Duomo was way more impressive than the interior because they took most of the stuff out and put it in a separate museum. But the outside is an intricate pattern of green, pink, and white marble. It became my fav Florence landmark and appeared in many pictures.

The doors of the Baptistery are gorgeous and referred to ask the gates of paradise. I can see why. They glowed.

We wandered the piazza picking up a couple cheap pictures and a Florence picture book. Then we browsed in shops. And headed back to the hotel.

At 7:45 we headed out to dinner at Le Stagioni. I had tortellini with cheese sauce and hotdogs and fries. OL had a pizza. For dessert, I had the cheesecake. this restaurant proved super convenient and the food was tasty and the prices reasonable.

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Any thoughts or reactions or favorite foods you want to share?