Palladio’s Paradise

We awoke to a sumptuous breakfast at the Hotel Continental that included the typical continental carb breakfast fare plus eggs, bacon, meats and cheese. There was a fruit table too. Don’t drink the caffe remind me of sludge. Order a cappuccino from the waitress.

We went to Santa Corona first because Frommer’s recommended it, but it was closed for restoration. Decided to hit the other main attractions in the book.

At the Olympic Theater, we found out that our 8 euro ticket entitled us to visit all 6 museums in town. I love Vicenza!

The Olympic Theater is absolutely breathtaking. The stage looks like nothing I’ve ever seen before, even after countless Broadway shows. Seriously amazing. Though I think he ran out of money when it came to the seating. It’s wooden steps. They had a good giftshop.

Then we went to the Civic Museum across the street, which is housed in a former palazzo. The museum is small, but they do a great job displaying their pieces. We were greeted by a wonderful tour guide who took us through the highlights of the museum, giving us interesting tidbits and quick explanations of why the work was important.

He made the art come alive for us and made this one of the most memorable and enjoyable museums in Italy.

Then we went in search of food. Ended up wandering to the Basilica Pallidiana, but it was still closed for restoration, which Frommer’s noted but we thought maybe it was done. Nope.

So we checked out a restaurant our hotel recommended but the prices were all covered up. Damn it. We went back to Vesuvio Pizzeria and had calzones.

Feeling tired, we decided to hit one more museum. Gallerie di Palazzo Leoni Montanari. The palazzo was stunning. So much detail. OL thought the chandeliers we’re a bit gaudy. But I liked the decadentness. Gorgeously tiled ceilings. Paintings. Then we went upstairs and saw Russian icons from Russian Orthodox churches (religious art).

They had a nice giftshop too.

Then we went to the hotel for a rest. OL napped. I was unable to and repacked my suitcase.

Although the Palladio villas were both closed, one is a UNESCO heritage sight, so we wanted to check them out. But they are off in the hills outside town. We decided to go before dinner. Bad idea. It was dark. We didn’t know where we were going. And we walked it.

Found the Villa Valmarana or rather the unlit stairs/path leading to it. Started on it and turned back. Impossible to do in the dark. We kept going and found Villa Rotunda. But couldn’t get a good shot through the gate because it was so far back and not well lit.
But we tried.

We walked into town to find dinner. We went to three places suggested by hotel but they were a bit pricey. Finally ended up at Malvasia where the prices are hidden. We saw a couple items for 10€ and decided to give it a go. Best decision all day.

Food turned out to be the best eats we had in Italy. Ambience was perfect. Crackling fire. Quiet restaurant. I took pictures of the bread rolls because they were so good. I had the Venetian pasta with duck sauce. Omg, delish. And the codfish wrapped in cabbage on a bed of pumpkin puree. OL had the pork chop and roasted potatoes. I had a glass of white wine that was delicious and only cost 2.1€

For dessert, I ordered the cheesecake. And it was a ricotta cheesecake. Nothing like what I’ve had before. I swore I’d died and gone to Palladio heaven.

We walked back to the hotel and hit the hay.

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2 Responses to Palladio’s Paradise

  1. Lucas says:

    Ricotta cheesecake sounds delicious! How sneaky that they cover the prices. That’s an easy way to trick people when the bill comes.

    • It was delicious! I don’t think I can go back to regular cream cheese cheesecake. Just the outside menu so you have to come into the restaurant to see the prices. 🙂 I think it was a smaller city with few tourists at that time of year too so they are probably familiar with the prices.

Any thoughts or reactions or favorite foods you want to share?