Arrivederci Venezia, Buona Sera Vicenza

We woke up and had our lovely breakfast at the Hotel Cristallo. Then we checked out at 11am and left our bags there so we could go explore the beaches. The other side of Lido faces the Adriatic Sea.

A quick 7 minute walk and we were beside the water. Then we broke several laws regarding lingering on the jetty and sitting on the natural rocks. But in our defense, someone brought a dog on the beach which was also prohibited.

We gathered shells. Rather I picked them up and OL pointed to them with his toes. I got about 7 of each shapes in multiple colors. Very cool hope they make it hope in my suitcase. The water was clear and you could see several feet below the surface.

Then. Strolled around and picked up our bags. We planned to head to the Santa Lucia train station. But the vaporettos were running limited service until 12:30. So we waited for a bit. Then took the next available #1 train. For the afternoon, it was pretty crowded.

We boarded with a woman who had two huskies and another who had a week’s supply of groceries. Finally, got a seat but half an hour later had to maneuver up to the front of the boat to exit. At Ferrovia (the Other name for the Venice train station), OL got the tickets. Then he stayed with the luggage, while I snuck off to the pay per use toilet and hit a tshirt shop.

Before we boarded the train, OL found the train stamping machine. Once we got on board, he realized he stamped the wrong side. He debated what might happen and finally made a mad dash for the ticket stamping machine, returning a few minutes before the train left.

OFC, no one asked to see our tickets. The train took about an hour and cost 4.5 € each.
We arrived in Vicenza which is the cleanest train station. We grabbed a cab and headed to the Continental Hotel.

It’s a very sleek, modern hotel that caters to business travelers. Nice lobby with free juice. Small elevator. Easy check-in. Room was very clean and modern. Bathroom was roomy and the best one yet. The room even had a balcony.

Then we faced a typical problem. All the restaurants were closed in the area and we were hungry. The concierge suggested a gelateria down the street. There we ordered sandwiches and I got a mint parfait sundae. We fueled up and went back to the hotel to rest.

We checked email and chilled. At dinner time we headed into the center of town which was a nice 8 minute walk. Unless you were tired and uncertain and doubled back a couple times. But we made it to Palladio’s Vincenza.

We walked by the Civic Museum and the Olympic Theater. Headed down the main street in search of dinner. We ended up at Vesuvio Pizzeria. I ate spaghetti but the sauce was too vinegary. OL ate fries. My entree was veal stew with polenta and it rocked. I read online that it was a specialty of Vicenza so I tried it. Yum!

We walked back to the hotel satisfied and in need of sleep.

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  1. Lucas says:

    I love collecting shells along the beach too. How nice to have a few souveniers from the seashore.

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