Venezia Loves Me Too

We opened the shutters to blue sky and a hotel across the street. Who knew it was there? Excited to see more of the city, we went downstairs for breakfast in the dining room at 9:30 am. Fresh croissants filled with apricot jam, sugared croissants, rolls, ham, and salame were laid out. We had cappuccinos and OJ too. Oh yes and yogurt.

Then we headed to the Lido’s vaporetto stop. We got on the #1 boat and planned to ride it to San Marco. We grabbed two seats at the front of the boat and began snapping pictures. This is a miracle.

Some vaporettos don’t have this front seating and when they do they go fast. On a clear sunny day, we found out tha the vaporetto went up the canal so we stayed put, planning to get off at the Ca d’Oro museum.

We had discussed riding a gondola but decided 100€ was too much to spend. Only pay 40-50€ a nght for our hotels. This was too big an expense.

Instead, we rode the vaporetto all the way to the last stop at Piazza de Roma. Then we got off and jumped on a vaporetto going back down the canal so we could get off at the museum.

This is a do not miss Venice activity. Ride vaporetto #1 all the way to the end of the Grande Canale. You will see so much amazing architecture. It’s like walking on Broadway in New York. But better and way older sites to see.

Ca d’Oro was a perfectly laid out museum. It didn’t overwhelm the visitor and allowed you to savor each piece. Most museums leave me tired and frazzled from information and art overload. This one left me satiated and contented. The view of the grande canale was lovely too.

We popped back over to a cameo shop because I’d been thinking about buying a cameo all night. This was the last chance to get one in Venice. So I did. It’s a dark blue ring. Really lovely. The owner was telling me how he designed it.

Then we headed back to piazza San Marco for pictures of the bell tower and clock tower which were completely visible without the fog. Hungry, we popped into Capital again for lunch. Then we did more pics of the water.

Hopped back on Vaparetto #1 heading to Salute for the Santa Maria Della Salute church. Gorgeous church and we happened to visit during mass. There is an old woman at the front collecting money in what appears to be a beggar’s cup but she is actually asking for a donation to the church.

We found this very confusing because we dropped some change in her cup but she insisted on 1.5 € from each of us. Then I remembered reading in the guidebook how they require a donation of 1.5€. They could have given her a real donation box instead of the beggar’s cup. Poor lady.

We made our donation and entered. Churches truly are works of art in Italy.

Outside there was a statue of a boy holding a frog. It was in a box to keep bird poop off we guessed. He looks into the Bacino de San Marco.

We strolled around the church grounds and then head back to San Marco. I insisted on having a gelato sundae and caffe latte at Quandri in Piazza San Marco. Decadent, delicious and definitely overpriced. But it was founded in 1638! And it was worth it. Then we took the vaporetto back to Lido.

Rested for a bit at the hotel and decided to have dinner at the same place we ate last night. But of course that place was closed. So we wandered down the main street Gran Viale St. Maria Elizabetta and found another restaurant. I had the pasta with meat sauce and breaded chicken and OL had a pizza. I had a glass of the house red, but I’m not a wine lover.

We walked back to the hotel and settled in for the night.

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4 Responses to Venezia Loves Me Too

  1. Lucas says:

    The old crone with the beggar’s cup story made me giggle 🙂

    I can’t wait to see the pictures of the gorgeous cameo ring! Who knows maybe it has some enchanted properties or can be a good luck charm.

    Too bad the gondola was such a rip. I was looking forward to seeing pictures of you and your friend posing in the gondola like Madonna did in the like a virgin music video but I guess only rick people like Madonna can afford to travel by gondola.

    • I’ll upload pics to my website ( and also to the blog in March. We were like wow what a picky beggar. But we gave in. Lol. The ring is really stunning. I love it. Omg,100€ for 40minutes is really expensive. Especially when your hotel is 30-40 euros a night. Plus I wanted to buy leather gloves in Florence and they cost 50-70 euros. tradeoffs.

  2. berry says:

    You are seeing Italy. Watch out for angry women protesters.

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