Rome to Venice

Firstly, a huge thank you to Hotel Maikol, a clean and welcoming b&b in Roma. The sweet breakfast and cappuccino were served in your room between 8 and 10 AM–at your convenience. The room was large and the bathroom was very clean. The shower stall was a tad small, but had great water pressure and temperature.

Our bed was comfy and we slept well there. The subway was one block away. The only tough thing was the lack of restaurants in the area. But otherwise, we loved Hotel Maikol.

They let us leave our bags there after we checked out and traipsed around the city. They even called us a cab when we left.

Then we got to the Rome airport, Fiumicino. Our flight to Venice was via Easy Jet. It was not easy. Should have been named Are You Fucking Kidding Me Jet. First off, we couldn’t check in until2 hours before takeoff. Which meant 2 hours sitting in the crappy homeless shelteresque waiting area near the entrance.

People watching was extraordinary here though. I also discovered Italian women love to stand in front of the toilettes even if they are not in line to use them and when you ask if they are in line they give you a snide look.

When we finally go to check in, My bag is 23kg. My ticket is for a 20kg bag, so we have to go to another desk and pay the extra 23 euros for 3 extra kg. Then bring receipt to finish checkin.

Of course, the expandable zipper on my suitcase gets broken at this point. Then we have no seat assignment on the plane. And there is a one bag carryon. And that means 1 purse or one backpack. So I have to squeeze my Mark Jacobs bag into my L.L. Bean backpack. Absolutely reediculous bullshit.

We get through security and wait for plane. But there are not enough seats near our gate so we sit beside 3 nuns at another gate. I try to watch my mouth but the f bomb tends to fly out when I’m angry.

Then we line up for boarding. I stupidly took my purse out of my bag and get told “Ma’am one bag only.” I HATE being called ma’am. Secondly, it must fit in my bag since I got through security so why are you hassling me?!

I bitch as I stuff my purse into the backpack. Then I notice the people who checked us in for the flight are now taking our tickets at the gate. What next? Will they fly the plane?

It’s like in those movies about small towns where the sheriff is the mayor is the hotel owner is the doctor.

But wait, it gets worse. We walk through the gate to board a bus to the jet. The jet boarding is a free for all. We find 2 seats together. Flight was 45 minutes. I get asked 6 times if I want to buy food/drink. This includes twice while I am waiting for the toilettes.

The landing was smooth. Welcome to Venice. A city that likes me.

We land at 9:20 and OL grabs the luggage. We buy vaporetto (water boat) tickets to Lido where our hotel is. It’s cold and foggy when we emerge from the airport. And a 7 minute walk to the vaporetto stop. OL wheels both our suitcases. We are encased in fog and watch as we blow out smoke signals into the night air.

Coats came in handy waiting 30 minutes. Then the vaporetto arrives and we are whisked straight to Lido. 50 minutes later we arrive.

Feeling ambitious we attempt to buy our 3 day transportation pass. But the machine won’t take OL credit card or mine or a 50 euro bill. Ugh. We give up and head for the hotel. OL’s Google map leads us on a wild goose chase. But we see some gorgeous houses.

It’s frigid and 11:30 before we realize our folly, turn around and head back to the vaporetto stop. The we find the street and it’s a quick 5 minute walk to Hotel Cristallo. The owner hands us our key and we head up to our room. Clean nice big room and bathroom has good shower, view of the street. We collapse into bed.

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4 Responses to Rome to Venice

  1. Gerard says:

    The airport sounds a bit bizzare. But a quick rebound once you got to Venice. Don’t get sea sick on the water boats.

    • It was definitely an experience. Venice was so cool. I did get a little motion sickness where I’d be sitting eating dinner and swear the table was swaying. I think vaporettos would definitely help the anti-drug campaign in the US. The effects tended to last all day leaving me dizzy and spinning but sober. 😛

  2. berry says:

    This trip is a future book for you to write. I am in no hurry to travel after reading this. USA is good enough for me. But you are in Italy so enjoy the moment.

    • It may be about how an American loses her mind in Italy. Lol. I guess I have to slow the pace more. It’s tons of highs and lows. But despite how it sounds I’m having fun. Some of the time. 😛

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