Roma– An American Tourist’s Nightmare

It was after I freshened up and changed clothes. I distinctly remember being tired but wanting to see the city. Then we entered the metro. It is something straight out of Mad Max and the Thunderdome. Made me long for NYC’s piss scented subways.

But it gets us to the Spanish Steps, where I am assaulted by ugly men shoving roses in my face. Trying to force me to buy a flower. Ick. Kinda ruined the experience. The stairs btw look nothing like they did on Everybody Loves Raymond. They are in serious need of a cleaning and repair.

Trevi fountain rivaled anything you see at Caesar’s Palace in Vegas. It’s gorgeous. But no talking statues. But the crowds and the crappy tourist junk they try to force on you.

As we walked to Via del Corso, I got a gelato. Yummy. Chocolate goodness. We walked through a bunch of palazzos on our siteseeing.

We wandered to the Panthenon, which is decrepit on the outside (and being restored). The inside is jawdropping. One of the best sites here. Then we saw Piazza Navona, where a mime decided to harass me. I really hate the way this city targets its tourists.

We walked to Campo de Fiori. Or rather walked through it and doubled back. Because we didn’t even realize we’d gone through it.

It was now 4ish on Friday. Our energy is at it’s low point. We’ve walked until my thigh muscles started spasming. OL is ready to drop. No metro in the area so we are forced to figure out the buses. Which change routes daily. Are you freaking kidding me?!

The bus is crowded and gets us to the subway at the Coliseum. There are only 2 subway lines and we are not on the right one for our hotel. So we go to Termini station.

There we see rush hour that defies reason. I’ve spent 8 years in New York’s rush hour. Been at Time Square for many rush hours but nothing prepared me for this. Think Time Square on New Year’s Eve. Just throngs of people in a tiny space.

I looked at OL and said I can’t do this unless I want to have a panic attack. He agreed. We gave up and headed to the street to walk to our hotel. 20 blocks. Exhausted we rested.

Unfortunately dinner required a lot of walking and the stalest bread that should be reserved for prisons. And they charged 3 euros for it!?

The food was okay but overpriced for the area. I had veal Milanese and OL had a quarter of a chicken. Then we came home.

I went into my sleep deprived version of drunk dialing where I lay with my eyes closed and rambled to OL about anything and everything. According to him, this is quite hilarious as my mood shifts from second to second.

You’d think a good night’s sleep would cure everything or at least hope it would. The shower was great. The breakfast cappuccino was perfect and the pastries yummy. But then we made a tragic error.

Decided to go to Vatican City. The second we get off the subway we get harassed by street hawkers of Vatican tickets. I don’t talk to strangers or people selling tickets on the street. General rule that served me well in New York.

Seems a new cardinal is being chosen so the basilica is closed. We go see St. Peter’s Square. They have pope tv showing us the basilica. And a line that would put Shake Shack and Magnolia Bakery to shame. Hours of waiting for the basilica to open.

And the Vatican museum line is crazy long. This stinks. We leave feeling truly frustrated and disappointed with Rome. And it’s only 1pm on Friday…

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4 Responses to Roma– An American Tourist’s Nightmare

  1. Lucas says:

    I’m sure the trip will continue to improve being that it started out like this. Perhaps you can enjoy some home-made pasta or a glass of Italian wine?

    • Rome and I have a love hate relationship. Every time I start to fall in love, she messes with me. Transportation is just disastrous. Once I accepted that things got better. I’ll blog about the good stuff on Friday. 🙂

  2. tracy says:

    did you at least have a full sized shower?
    have fun

    • No. It was a corner shower so it was half the size of our shower in Venice. Literally banged elbow if rotated in shower. But the b&b was very clean and the owners were super nice and helpful. 🙂 liking Venice a ton more though.

Any thoughts or reactions or favorite foods you want to share?