Roma or Bust!

The travel gods decreed that my trip to Rome would go well on last Thursday. The car arrived on time to take me to the airport. Little traffic to Newark.

Check in went fast virtually no line. No invasive body cavity searches or new X-ray screening with naked pics being sent to web.

Had a delicious lunch at Gallagher’s Steakhouse. Their steak sandwich with fries was delish. And their cheesecake was decadent to the extreme. And the rum and diet coke helped with my travel nerves.

Boarded plane. Had entire window seat to myself. Takeoff went smoothly. No crying babies near me. Bathroom was free whenever I needed to use it. Landing was easy.

A little trouble getting from landing terminal to baggage terminal. Got through customs okay. Found my bag with a little luck and a decent taxi driver.

First thing I noticed were the broccoli shaped trees. Sadly my iPad cannot take pics or I’d have included one here. Driving in Roma is a free for all. Crossing the street an act of faith.

No sleeping on plane though. Got to hotel, found OL and had a nice breakfast.

There ended the easy part of my trip…

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Any thoughts or reactions or favorite foods you want to share?