iPad review

For Christmas, my mom gave me the iPad with wi-fi. I was planning to use it as a substitute for my laptop while backpacking through Italy in February.

There was a bit of a learning curve in January. The apps drive me crazy. The WordPress blog app is only useful when wi-fi is unavailable. The twitter app is okay. I generally go straight to the web via Safari for Facebook. The yahoo app works well for email.

My two biggest pet peeves?

Transferring files to the iPad is clunky and counterintuitive. Either you download them from emails or have to load them into iTunes and individually download them into the app. Talk about a time suck.

Their wordprocesing app, Pages, doesn’t have track changes. How the hell can I read and make comments to my writing friend/beta reader without it? I have to type my comments into the document in all caps and bold and they have to do the same.

Don’t even try to make edits. They are all automatically accepted without being visible to the reader in Pages. So 1980s.

The social media stuff is ten times better than the smart phone. iPad has its own keyboard and I also got a wireless keyboard. These help.

For reading, I prefer books, but I’ve downloaded a couple on my kindle app and my iBooks to test out in February.

Overall, it’s a huge assist and much easier to travel with. But if there are weird things in my blog in February, blame the iPad.

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