Robert Plant and the Band of Joy

On Friday night, I went to MGM Grand at Foxwoods to see Robert Plant and the Band of Joy. Wow. Second time seeing him live. Two years ago, listened to him and Alison Krauss belting it out at the Wamu Theater in NY.

Dad and I had heard his new CD a few times and were excited  for the live show. Plant did not disappoint. He sang several songs from the new CD, several from his Led Zeppelin days, and a few from his other solo albums.

He doesn’t seem to stick to a set list across cities and prefers to mix it up. We also had an opening act which some cities didn’t have. Apologies for forgetting their names but they were a duo of drum and guitar playing brothers. The drummer pulled out a washboard and played it at one point. Serious rockabilly stuff here.

Plant still roars and harmonizes like no body’s business. Patty Griffin’s voice melded with his so perfectly you couldn’t differentiate two unique voices.

I tried to take some pics but my cell phone camera didn’t do anyone justice.

I can believe how amazing his voice is and what presence he still brings to the stage. There’s a 20 year old’s spirit inside this man. And his flexibility, the way he stood with legs criss-crossed, I’d have toppled over on stage. But he just moved around the stage so effortlessly.

He was backed by banjo, mandolin, pedal steel, and maracas heading toward a hill-billy hoot-a-nanny sound. Foot-tapping, heart-filling, soul-satiating music.

What drove home that he’s a consummate professional? He let a couple bandmates take center stage to sing a song, while he slipped to the back of the stage to sing harmony. Truly gracious.

If you get a chance to see him, it’s worth it. Check out Robert Plant’s website for more info.

Here’s Silver Rider:

My favorite songs off his new CD are Silver Rider, Monkey and House of Cards. And from the Led Zeppelin days, I really enjoyed Tangerine.

What are yours?

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4 Responses to Robert Plant and the Band of Joy

  1. Gerard says:

    Sounds like a really great show. I saw Led Zeppelin at Madison Square Garden in 1975. As anyone who saw them in their hayday knows, no band could rock like Zep, and the individual talent of each member really set the standard of the day, and in fact, reaches into today as well. In my mind, the best singer, guitar player, bass player and drummer, ever to grace the stage as a band. I’ve have Plant’s CD with Alison Krauss and his latest Band of Joy offering, and they truly reveal Plant’s phenomenal depth as a singer. You saw a legend and I’m glad he lived up to his reputation.

    • He’s a very eclectic singer with a huge vocal range. He played some stuff from his Led Zeppelin days and from his new cd. You can see how he’s changed as an artist and enjoy each of his periods—kinda like picasso.

  2. berry says:

    Not a fan. Never liked led zeppelin. So glad u liked concert and glad I did not go.

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