The Weather Gods Hate Me

On February 2, 2011, I am supposed to fly out to Italy for a 3 week backpacking trip/research for another book.

Alas, the weather gods hate me.

Note: I’ll be blogging from my iPad so please excuse typos. I try my best to catch them, but it’s way harder than with a laptop. The blog will probably be more travel focused than usual during this time. And we know me and travel is always explosively interesting.

And it’s kicking off with a bang!

I flicked on the tv Sunday night, the weather guy reported that Wednesday will be an awful storm. And the word awful was written across Wednesday. No joke.

My bff looked at me and we both burst out laughing. This is terrible. Freaking awful.

My friend is flying from Austria to Italy on Feb 3 to meet my flight and I will not be there because Continental cancelled all flights for Wednesday. But I got on the flight for Thursday landing February 4th.

The hotels are all booked in my name which means he may have nowhere to stay. But luckily, Expedia swooped in to save us by allowing a name change on the reservation.

The only silver lining is that we planned to spend 4 days in Rome before we went to other cities. So I still have a few days to meet up with him and do our trip.

Fingers crossed the weather is okay for flying out of Newark on Thursday. But with my luck that’s pretty unlikely.

Last international flight, I forgot my passport. Things should be better than that at least, right? Nothing like 3 hours riding to and from and to the airport to stress a gal out.

What’s your worst travel experience?

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6 Responses to The Weather Gods Hate Me

  1. Gerard says:

    Sorry to see that your flight was canceled on Wednesday. But the good thing is that you will be out of here on Thursday, weather permitting, and leaving this white hell behind for a while. So hunker down for a couple days and just think of all the fun you will have in Italy! Keep us updated and post some pictures if you can. All the best to you and your trip!

    • Thanks. On the upside they cancelled a few days ahead and gave me time to change the hotel reservation, rebooking the flight and the car service. I miss one day of my trip but I’m stuck inside in this wintry mess so I will chill and try to relax. Hopefully Thursday’s flight goes. Will be blogging about the trip but can’t post pics because I forgot the apple photo converter so i can’t get pics from my camera onto the iPad. Damn you Apple for making everything so hard.

  2. Elle says:

    I wish I could fly away from all this cold and snow too 🙂 Have a great time on your trip !

  3. berry says:

    None. I don’t fly. Plain and simple.

    Good luck. Bring back pics.

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