Dining Out with Friends

So the past two nights I had two delicious dinners with two good friends.

Tuesday night, I went out with Ant (my friend since I was 11). We were doing a belated b-day celebration. So he took me to one of my fav NYC restaurants–Wallse.

I love Austrian cuisine, love quiet restaurants where you can linger over dessert and laugh over shared memories.

We both got the wiener schnitzel and he got the streudel while I opted for the Salzburg nockerl (it’s like an egg soufle pastry).

We told silly stories and laughed for 2 hours. Our waiter was so personable. It was like we were welcomed back to our favorite haunt but this was our first time there together.

Tonight I met Zach ( we’ve been friends 5 yrs) for dinner at Gyu-Kaku, a Japanese BBQ restaurant. You cook your own food at the table. We split the $80 meal which include, a yummy salad, miso soup, edamame, tuna tartare, japanese rice bowl, 4 cuts of steak, shrimp and mushrooms.

We talked and cooked for 2 hours in our booth. Then dessert was smores and green tea ice cream.

I had two lychee tini and Zach had 2 beers. Nicest of all, he offered to pay since I’m unemployed. We hadn’t seen each other since May so it was great to catch up in person.

I’ll definitely go for Japanese BBQ again too.

I got my haircut today and visited my old apartment building to say hi to my doormen. It was weird. I almost chickened out not wanting to walk down my old street when it wasn’t mine anymore. But I went and I was proud that I didn’t get all sentimental and cry.

I reminded myself I chose to leave. And it was the best decision under the circumstances.

Tomorrow I go to Verizon because my phone has been overheating again. I am on my third new phone in 6 months. Damn you Droid Incredible. You are neither incredible nor a smart phone.

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4 Responses to Dining Out with Friends

  1. Gerard says:

    It’s great getting together with long time friends. seems like you are really having a good time in the City that never sleeps, or plows, for that matter. I have to try some different eateries after seeing all the good ones you go to. Add some spice to my diet. Continue to have fun! Keep us posted.

    • I hadn’t seen two friends since I left in September. Poor Zach and I couldn’t get our schedules to work this summer so last time I saw him was probably May. Nice to have leisurely dinners and catch up. And the food here. There’s just no comparison. 🙂

  2. berry says:

    Going back is horrible. Sad mixed emotions. But you go forward. Food sounds great but you can’t eat like that each night. Love nyc but would rather live in country. Enjoy the visit appreciate the city and welcome your return to calm.

    • I think it’s too soon. Like seeing an ex right after you break up. Lol. You need time apart. I love and miss my friends here. They are all really amazing people. Glad to visit but. Tiring out. Need some time with parents and dogs to relax.

Any thoughts or reactions or favorite foods you want to share?