Update on NYE Resolutions

Resolution #1: Lose 35 lbs in 2011 and keep it off.

Progress: Dropped 1 more lb.

Resolution #2: Finish drafting my second novel by May 2011.

Plan: Finish manuscript in March and begin revising in April because my teacher has offered to look at it for me.

Resolution #3: Send out queries until someone falls in love with my YA novel.

Progress: Sent out batch of queries this week with new revised manuscript ready to go.

Resolution #4: Meditate and play with Emerson more.

Progress: Meditate before bed most nights. Snuggle with and petting Emerson. Haven’t been playing with him enough.

Resolution #5: Speak my mind  when asked.

Progress: Disagreed with two people. Politely. And said No when I didn’t want to do something.


How are you going on yours? If you had a rough start, Chinese New Year is coming up, so get focused because you get a do-over!

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2 Responses to Update on NYE Resolutions

  1. berry says:

    I wad going to be nicer but that didn’t happen. Too many people making me mad. So much for that one. Exercise less . Doing more. Probably drop dead. But then won’t have to worry about keeping any resolutions. What’s the point. You are who you are.

    • For me, life is all about choices. Believing I can change and shape my life. If I couldn’t it would be hard to get up everyday. I believe you are who you choose to be. Change is always possible. Hardly ever easy. But doable with enough effort.

Any thoughts or reactions or favorite foods you want to share?