Writer’s Digest Conference–Pitch Slam

This week I finished proofreading all my Margie Lawson workshop revisions to my manuscript. It’s a lean 82K.

I’ve been working on my pitch for the upcoming Writer’s Digest Conference January 21-23. Pitch Slam is a two-hour pitching free-for-all, where you are in a room with 50+ agents for 2 hours.

You get in each agent’s line and wait to make your 90 second pitch. They then have 90 seconds to ask questions and hopefully request the partial or the full.

At Killer Nashville, I did the 10-minute pitch. At Crimebake, the five-minute pitch. But this is a bit of a challenge. Because each word has to matter. There’s no room for error.

Yup, that’s me putting pressure on myself.

But it’s still a week away. I already spent a week honing the pitch. Trying it out on friends, family, and some trusted writing buddies.

And it’s getting there. The thing is, I want it finalized by Sunday so I have a week to practice it before I am in front of the agents.

Thank goodness that new smart phone has a timer function. At least I know I’m at 80 seconds. That leaves me time for a cough, a nervous throat clearing, or maybe a miniscule loss of my train of thought.

Have you had to pitch to agents? How do you prepare? Any advice on the short and attention-grabbing 90-second pitch?

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8 Responses to Writer’s Digest Conference–Pitch Slam

  1. Kourtney, I’ve always thought the Writers’ Digest Conf would be so interesting. I would love to see the pitch slam. I have heard that if the agent reps the genre you’re pitching, they will request. I know you’ll do great. Do you have a logline for your book? That’s my big suggestion. Look forward to hearing about the conference.

    • I wanted to try a new conference or two every year. Thankfully, I’ve got a few friends in the city to crash with. I hope that’s true. There are about 15 agents that rep YA there. I made a spreadsheet and ranked them. I used Nathan Bransford’s pitch post to turn my log line into a several line pitch. My original logline was super basic: a high school girl accidently time travels to 1886 to solve a murder and break a curse. Hope it goes well!

  2. Lucas says:

    My word, Pitch Slam will be a “Slam Dunk” for you!

  3. Sounds wonderful. I wish I could be there. I hope you find a good agent.

    • I decided to do it because you mentioned it when we met at Backspace. 🙂 I hope someone likes it. I’m not sure how many agents I can get to in the 2 hours depends on how many people are in line since it’s 3 minutes per person.

  4. berry says:

    Make your pitch quirky but genuine. Speak from the heart. Give it your all.

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