A humble thank you

You know at the park how people gather around the sea lions and cheer and clap, hoping they’ll perform?

Well I just wanted to take a moment to thank the people who were my cheering squad though my spine problems, surgery, and recovery.

To Mom–You took the bus to visit whenever I needed you, cleaned my apartment, fielded my crazy hysterically crying phone calls, helped pay for the surgery, and slept at the hospital with me. Then stayed for two weeks to take care of me. And came back to make a Thanksgiving feast for me and Brett. 🙂

To Brett–Who took every crazy email in stride and came with me to my spinal injections. Who hung out with me when all I could do was walk and found creative ways to deal with the no sitting rule. You made me feel like I had value when I was useless. You took care of my dog when I was in the hospital. You were my rock. Still are. 🙂

To Dad–You took your fair share of pain crazed calls and never stopped trying to find a solution. You supported me all the way. Thanks for being there in the recovery room.

To Dr. Bitan–You are a god to me. You rebuilt my spine and gave me my life back. Because of you I saw Austria last year and drove around the southwest U.S. on a roadtrip this summer. You gave me a second chance.

To Grandma H–You came and stayed with me for a few weeks while I recovered, walking all over the city with me at a snail’s pace. I loved our sleepovers where we watched scary movies and ate pizza. You came to the follow-up doctor visits with me and that meant so much to me.

To Stephen–You  always found ways to let me work despite my spine problem. And you made me laugh on days when I never thought I could.

To Zach and Lil–you were my phone and email buddies. It helped to vent to you. Thanks for putting up with my outbursts.

To Kaylene–You were more than my physical therapist, you brought me back from surgery and became a good friend.

Thank you all for seeing me through those dark days. No matter where we go in life, I will always be grateful to you.

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6 Responses to A humble thank you

  1. Lucas says:

    What a nice entry about your cheering squad. You’re lucky to have such people, here in Australia my canary is my only cheering squad. Although she does provide such wonderful moral support. But I’m thinking of joining a rugby group to meet some new “people”.

    • All you need is a few dedicated friends to help you through the worst of life’s ordeals. I was lucky to have two great parents, a wonderful boss, a phenom surgeon, and a bff who went the distance and a couple other good friends there. Pets are great moral support. I forgot to thank Emerson. He laid beside me when I cried and would actually prop my head up when I laid on the floor. He is the best dog in the world! It’s always good to open your life to new people and see who comes into your sphere. 🙂 Good luck with rugby!

  2. berry says:

    Can’t comment. Hate harry potter.

  3. berry says:

    Glad you got your life back.

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