Over-Acting: Characters being unbelievable

So I’m watching season 13 of Dallas where JR’s illegitimate son James is introduced. He’s played by the gorgeous Sasha Mitchell. But there’s a problem.

Firstly, his lines are overwritten. Too much is said and not shown/infered. He also overacts. He doesn’t play the role in a way that I believe it. I get what the writers and he are trying to do in each scene but I shouldn’t. I should just get it.

He shouldn’t come off as obvious or overplayed.

But he does.

And it makes his character unbelievable to me.

And now I understand what someone meant when they said something/someone wasn’t believable.

It isn’t enough to know your character’s motives and actions in a scene.

You have to make the reader believe in the character so that the actions unfold the motives. And everything flows.

The reader likes to feel like they put the pieces together rather than being spoon fed.

Thank you Dallas for another enlightening lesson. 🙂

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2 Responses to Over-Acting: Characters being unbelievable

  1. berry says:

    Dallas is as bad acting as you can get. The 80s were lousy for tv. Give me back Leave It To Beaver and I love Lucy. That’s great acting.

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