Maybe You’ll Find A Nice Man

“Maybe you’ll find a nice man this year.”

This is something every single gal hears time and time again. As if our lives are lacking until prince charming comes along. These years before him are a wasteland. Something to endure.

Doesn’t matter if we built a successful career, lived in several big cities, traveled the world, or went for an advanced degree.

Nope that’s all just marking time until Mr. Right comes along. Because we all know a woman is only complete once she has a husband and children.

Are you gagging yet? I am.

Look there are reasons for everything. Choices made.

I prefer being single. I prefer not compromising and answering to no one. I like my life. If I didn’t I’d change it. And maybe I will someday. But right now this works for me.

Everyone pursues what they want in life. Or they should. So if you are married with kids. Congrats–I’m guessing that was something important to you.

But maybe you didn’t get a Masters, live in Manhattan, or get to dance the night away at Coachella. I did. Doesn’t make me better than you. Just means I had different goals/priorities.

So stop lamenting my singleness. Unless you want me to lament your being parental.

And to everyone who worries about me meeting a nice man. I already did six years ago. And we’ve lived together happily ever after. 😛

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  1. That’s funny, excellent post on your goals and aspirations, I noticed you are an inspiring author. You definitely have the charisma for it.

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