Having the Flu at Christmas Time Sucks

First off, this is not my gingerbread creation, it’s my cousin Amanda’s–she a freaking gingerbread house genius. I just took the picture.

It started with being cold. Like bone-chilling-never-gonna-be-warm-again cold. Then came the extreme lethargy. By Sunday, I had a dry hacking cough and a scratchy sore throat. Monday fever and brain mush.

Now it feels like mucus has wrapped around my vocal cords and is slowly strangling me. I’ve broken so many capillaries in my throat coughing, my now productive cough brings up chunks of sticky gunk laced with pink. Ick. Fever is still here. And I lost my voice today.

Weirdly, I am constantly on the verge of tears. Like it’s just too much.


It seems to happen most years too. My Christmas curse. I know I should be grateful not to be projectile vomiting or constantly on the bowl, but my bronchial tubes are stinging and I’m constantly breathless.

I ran out of clean jeans today too. This felt like an epic disaster. Like I should just go back to bed and never rise again. Yeah, I get a touch of drama queen when I’m sick.

I contemplated wearing pjs out of the house. I NEVER DO THAT. I took 2 aleve to bring that silly-fever-induced thought process back to reality.

Anyway, that’s why my posts are short and random this week. I’m totally under the weather. And waiting to feel some relief.

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2 Responses to Having the Flu at Christmas Time Sucks

  1. berry says:

    Hope you feel better. Great gingerbread house. Kudos to Amanda. Drink fluids. You need to keep hydrated. Have your mom wash your clothes. Is she lazy.
    Be well.

    • I got antibiotics and am sweating. I think that’s a good sign. Yeah Amanda is the gingerbread artist. 🙂 She also got me gatorade. Nah, mom works hard, felt bad asking her to do my clothes.

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