Marry Me–A movie review

Lifetime aired a new movie (a two-parter) that was a complete departure from the abused-woman-in-jeopardy movie the network is renowned for. And I LOVED it.

Marry Me is a romantic comedy/modern day twist of the fairytale replete with a castle and a girl with three potential prince charmings.

Lucy Liu does a great turn as an endearing single gal who dreams of settling down with the right guy. Adopted by a typical southern family (mom is played by Annie Potts), she is the daughter with dreams who refuses to settle.

She’s an artist/social worker because she feels being an artist is purely selfish and this dual career gives her license to be an artist.

There’s the 2-year relationship guy who leaves her for frogs. The new guy who may be too good to be true. And his charming, playboy best friend. Can you say yumilicious? A nice little Christmas treat.

It’s airing on Christmas Eve and you can also catch it online.

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2 Responses to Marry Me–A movie review

  1. berry says:

    It was so good I watched the rerun. Really good acting. Love this stuff. Good premise. Wish it happened to me.

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