Love and Other Drugs– A Movie Review

Love and Other Drugs tells the story of a playboy drug salesman who falls for a girl with Parkinson’s Disease. It’s hilarious and poignant. How so?

Jamie and Maggie are quirky, real people with their own demons and ways of dealing.

Case in point–Jamie takes his younger brother in after he leaves his wife only to accidently walk in on him masturbating to a sex tape of Jamie and Maggie. Sounds gross? But the awkwardness makes it hilarious.

And the brother’s explanation is INSANELY funny.

Be warned there are a good number of sex scenes and it isn’t all sweet lovemaking. There is some of that, but there is also just the act of having sex. The groping and the shoving at each other’s clothes. And the rawness of that moment.

The acting is stupendous. They totally sucked me into their world. Check out their trailer and tell me what you think…

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2 Responses to Love and Other Drugs– A Movie Review

  1. berry says:

    Great flick. Anne hathaway did good job. Not a fan of gyllanhalle. He’s just ok. But movie was b plus. Not Oscar worthy. Though hathaway is nominated.

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