Why are my feet so cold?

Guess what? It’s pet peeve time. Yup. I’m about to throw down, so I hope you have a few of your own to share.

When I lived in NYC, winters included slush puddles that looked like pavement, brown ickified snow, and a desire to avoid outdoors whenever possible.

But there is one thing more sinister than any NYC winter. A CT winter. And we haven’t even had snow accumulate yet.

People, my feet are ice-cold all day. They are only warm when I wake up. I’m having trouble leaving the comfort of my bed because I know they will be achingly, uncomfortably cold the rest of the day.

I tried thicker socks. I tried double socks. Nothing helps. They get cold and stay cold. Until I fall asleep.

And no I am not 90. I am 30ish so there is no reason for ice-cold toes. I work out everyday. I eat right (well at least the past 2 days I’ve been super good).

So why are my feet so f^&*$_&%ing cold? And my hands are fine btw.

No idea. But this is my biggest pet peeve of the CT winter. Ice, shit I just hole up in the Kour cave.

So what is your biggest winter pet peeve? And do you have any tips for dealing with super cold feet?

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Any thoughts or reactions or favorite foods you want to share?