Goals and Deadlines

I am frequently accused of is putting too much pressure on myself. Valid. Though I tend to think of it as goal setting and planning. For example, I decided to use the Margie Lawson Deep Edits methodology to revise my entire manuscript. 340 pages. Starting November 20. Current deadline: December 31. Contingency deadline: January 10th.

Today, I am 170 pages into the revisions. I think I can finished by Dec. 31, but I also like to have a back up deadline. Just in case. Especially with holidays and flu  season.

I am also taking an online course from Writer’s Digest Essentials of Mystery Writing that wraps up January 6th.  I am starting my 4th week of it with required readings, group critiques, and homework assignments.

Then there’s my WIP which is stuck at 62,000 words. I gotta finish that by March 31. Then I need to have 3-4 months to edit it before I start querying in the summer/fall 2011.

Then there’s the lecture notes from Margie Lawson’s workshop on dialogue cues. I’m reading through them and doing the exercises everyday.

And there’s a pile of books I’m dying to read.

So what’s the point of this post? A recap of all my deadlines–a slice of my writing goals. Most are self-imposed, but it is the only way for me to get things done.

How do you manage your writing life? Do you respond to external deadlines only or can you adhere to your own as well? What is your process to keep to your writing goals?



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6 Responses to Goals and Deadlines

  1. berry says:

    Slow down. Two typos in blog. First sentence and then second paragraphs first sentence. I don’t like pressure or deadlines. Always rushing. Stop the madness.

  2. Marian says:

    I just write, whether it is one word or one thousand each day; because I love it. Don’t put the pressure on yourself, it will come for you; because you are truly a good writer and have stories to tell. If you have to have deadlines do the time management thing and put it on your calendar; and mark so much time a day for it and then move onto other things (life). Will miss you tonight.

    • I can’t imagine my life without my to-do list. Granted things have a tendency to get pushed to the next day at times, but I like knowing if I stay on target I will have something done in x days. Of course, there’s a happy medium. I try to work out and meditate and spend time with family too. Hope you have a great time tonight! 🙂

  3. Marian says:

    We had a great time–got home at midnight–Alan went because Tracy couldn’t go either–so I had company-
    On another note–your flashfiction is at the top of the list good story. I enjoyed it. See you next week

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