A Day in Salem

Sadly, all my pics are on my camera and I forgot the cable at home to upload them to the computer. So I’ll just give you a brief summary of my day with this pic from last summer.

I started with a trip to Red’s Sandwich Shop rated #1 restaurant in Salem based on popularity. I had a bottomless cup of coffee and a kielbasa and cheddar omelette with potatoes and buttered raisin toast. DELICIOUSNESS SQUARED. And under $10. I had to pick up a hoodie as a souvenir.

Then I went to the Visitor Center. Next I headed to the Peabody Essex Museum. I cannot remember ever enjoying a museum in NYC as much. Firstly, this museum has numerous galleries with eclectic art so something will appeal to everyone. It wasn’t crowded so I could wander and be drawn to different pieces at my own pace.

So many pieces generated a reaction or a sensation. It’s been a while since art effected me. Most of it leaves me impressed or unaffected.

I haven’t done a museum alone and had such a thought-provoking enlightening time since I was at  a Smithsonian back in 1998! Damn. 12 years. They also had an exhibit on Gu Gong (The Forbidden City), which reminded me of my summer trip to Beijing in 1998. I toured Gu Gong the same day President Clinton did. Kismet.

It brought back amazing memories of who I was then and reminded me of who I want to be now. Randomly, Chinese tourists are staying in my hotel and I’ve been eavesdropping on their conversations all the time. No one ever thinks blondes can speak Chinese.

It weird because things seem to be converging or at least triggering a sense of meant to be. Does that make sense? Like I feel as though everything is happening for a reason and it is all meant to bring me to a better place with myself.

I ended my outing at the Salem Witch Memorial where there is a bench for each person persecuted and put to death during the Salem Witchcraft Trials of 1692. A poignant and somber site. But something that should not be forgotten.

Okay enough of the spiritual stuff.

Onto the food. I had a tasty maple mustard glazed salmon with green beans and fingerling potatoes for dinner at the Tavern where I read 60 pages of Jennie Bentley’s Fatal Fixer-Upper. I love her writing. My eyes devour it and my mind savors it. Glad to have time to read it.

And I finished edits to Ch. 12 of the YA book and read another Margie Lawson lecture on dialogue cues.

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6 Responses to A Day in Salem

  1. berry says:

    I want to go on vacation with you. You have great meals. Gained five pounds reading this.

  2. Lucas says:

    What were the Chinese tourists speaking about? I have heard that China has been buying up large percentages of the world’s supply of gold. I wonder if they were discussing purchases of gold and palladium?

    • LOL. Sorry to disappoint, but one group was talking about how a suitcase didn’t close properly and had to get off the elevator to try to find a solution. Another was talking about the exhibit at the museum. It’s lovely to hear Mandarin when you least expect it. 🙂

  3. Lucas says:

    Oh 🙁 I was hoping you might have overheard a state secret or two. Just this morning I read that the Chinese government has been testing out new advanced fighter jets built using technology sold to them by the Kremlin.

    • LOL. I doubt they would have discussed it in public. Given how the western nations encroached on China and creating mini sovereign areas in the late 1800s, I think China has every right to arm itself and to build its defenses. Any nation would given its past experiences.

Any thoughts or reactions or favorite foods you want to share?